Hello I am Béla Bönte

“Data are just summaries of thousands of stories.”

— Chip & Dan Heath

About me:

Besides traveling, getting to know new people and cultures, I am enthusiastic about technology and all kinds of problems that can be solved this way.

Currently, I am studying Data Science in a European context. This allows me to combine all these preferences and have an exciting challenging time

Always evolve

After graduating from school, I was undecided.  However, I knew that I wanted to develop something of my own. Since none of my other interests seemed suitable to study, I decided on general business administration. But I quickly realized that I would like to study something with a more specific application area. Introduction to Computer Science was already a lot of fun at the time. So I decided to drop out of business studies and started studying business informatics. Exactly the right decision, as I quickly realized!

During my studies of business informatics I fell in love with programming and developing different software. To put the knowledge I had gained into practice, I started as a working student in software development. Working on new projects, in which I always took over programming and planning tasks, helped me to learn a lot. 

But for my master’s degree, I wanted to learn something new. Data, for me the foundation of computer science, was therefore a very exciting topic. Now I am further on the way to take on new exciting challenges, to learn skills in order to create something of my own later on.


All my previous and planned stops on my way to computer expert.

Business Admistration TH Wildau Berlin

2017 to 2018

To deepen my skills in business processes. Discontinued, because I also wanted to further develop my technical capabilities.              

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Business Computing TU Dublin 

2020 – 2020

A chance to get to know a new culture and the English language. With the possibility to choose courses, I was able to focus mainly on technical aspects.

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Business Computing TH Wildau Berlin

2018 to 2021

Unification of technical and economic fundamentals. I especially enjoyed subjects like algorithms and data structures.   

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Data Science Universidad Politecnia de Madrid

2021 – 2022

Within the European Master Program EIT Digital, I have the opportunity to learn the basics, such as data analysis and machine learning, in Data Science.  

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EIT Summerschool Eötvös Loránd University Budapest

2022 – 2022 

Integral part of the master’s program. In different cities, different topics are treated. In Budapest: Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

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Data Science KTH Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

2022 – 2023 

Specialisation  on data analysis, data mining, and algorithms, techniques and tools for machine learning to analyze very large amounts of data.

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* This is a subjective assessment on my part, graphically prepared. These are my main characteristics and my assessment of their distinctiveness. I also take into account that I continue to learn in many areas.



Kabema Consulting Berlin

Working Student / Full Stack Developer

06/2020 to 10/2021

  • Responsible for the development of an AI approach for the automated recognition of standardized text documents.
  • Main responsible for the technical implementation of a service lead brokerage platform.
  • Elaboration of the data model as well as the functionalities.

TH Wildau International Office

Working Student / Website Managment

09/2019 to 01/2020

  • Responsible for the administration of the International Office University website

City of Jena 

Voluntary Year / Caregiver in a refugee home

07/2015 to  07/2016

  • In the context of the refugee crisis, I have helped refugees in a voluntary social year to ease their entry into their new life in Germany and have supported them in various refugee homes.

All Information presented on this website, in a compact format.


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